Our facilities provide a comfortable place to relax and join in communion with your retreat or summer group. Contact us for more information about the amenities we provide.

Guenther Lodge

Guenther Lodge offers hotel-style accommodations with 14 guest bedrooms and 3 meeting areas.

  • 9 private rooms with two full-size beds and a full bath
  • 5 private rooms with two twin beds sharing two hall baths
  • Fully supplied kitchen
  • Sarah’s Rocking Porch (screened in porch built over a beautiful creek)
  • Linens, towels, and pillows are provided (bring toiletries)

This is an excellent choice if you want to leave home, but not the conveniences of home. View layout of the Lodge.

Guenther Lodge


Simple cottages that hold total of 16 guests.

  • Each cabin is divided into 4 rooms, each room has 4 bunk beds.
  • Each cabin has 2 lavatories, 2 separate tub/showers, and 2 separate toilets.

Linens: bring a sleeping bag, or sheets and blankets, pillow, and towels. (bring toiletries) Or, for a nominal per person fee we will provide linens.

NOTE: Cabin #4 has been renovated and is prepared to provide accommodations to meet specific bedding requirements. Options include a single or two twin-size beds in a private room, or several twin beds in a larger private room including a king-size conversion.

Cabin lavatory

The cottages are an affordable choice for bringing a group to Holston. View layout of the cottages.

camp cottages 2
Camp cottages

Bell’s Bungalow

The Bungalow has 2 rooms and holds 14 guests.

  • 2 rooms with built-in bunk beds sleep 7 each
  • Four showers and four restrooms
  • Meeting space between the two rooms

Linens: bring a sleeping bag (or sheets and blankets), pillow and towels. (bring toiletries) Or, for a nominal per person fee we will provide linens.

The recently remodeled Bungalow is a prefect place for your group or family. View layout of the Bungalow.

bells bungalow
bells bungalow 2

Grigsby Dorm

Accommodates 16 guests with 2 wings and meeting area.

  • 2 separate wings with single rooms
  • 8 twin size beds, a restroom, shower and sink in each wing
  • Small meeting area between the wings

Linens: bring a sleeping bag or sheets and blankets, pillow and towels. Bring toiletries. For a nominal per person fee we will provide linens.

In between the two wings is a common room to relax or meet with your group. View layout of the Dorm.

Grigsby dorm

Clemmer Dining Hall

Large dining facility provides all-you-can-eat buffet style meals.

Seats over 135 people.

The dining hall can be used for group gatherings too! It has restrooms, two fireplaces, and a large carpeted dining/meeting area.

No prep and no clean up. All you have to do is show up… and eat! View layout of the Dining Hall.

Grigsby Hall

Meeting area provides space for up to 60 people. Includes a whiteboard, tv with dvd player, tables & chairs, and two restrooms.

View layout of Grigsby Hall.

Grigsby Hall

Mooneyhan Pavillion

Meeting area provides space for up to 40 people. Includes tables and chairs.

Mooneyhan Pavilion

Director’s Hall

Meeting area provides space for up to 80 people. Includes tables and chairs.

Director's hall

If you have questions or would like to book our Facilities for your event, please contact us.