Classic Adventure Camp

Summer Camp is what Holston Camp does best. After all, we have been hosting campers for over 50 years. CLASSIC ADVENTURE CAMP represents the best of small group camping: making friends, learning about God, and having fun.

Campers are encouraged to work, play, and worship as a community of faith, practicing compassion and awareness of each other, the environment, and themselves. Trained and experienced counselors lead campers through traditional, age-appropriate activities such as swimming, canoeing, rock climbing, zip-lines, arts and crafts, bicycling, and field games. Cooperation, fair play, and fun is emphasized over competition. Of course, we will sing camp songs around the camp fire.

Morning worship and evening vespers are led by an ordained minister. Campers are encouraged to think seriously about how we relate to others and how we relate to God. We discuss the teachings and examples provided by Jesus as a model for own lives.

Venture and Explorer campers stay in Main Camp in comfortable cabins with shared bathroom facilities. Cabins sleep 16. We limit age groups to 14 girls and 14 boys. Campers are constantly supervised by at least 2 adult counselors. Ventures and Explorers eat meals at the dining hall.

Off-campus activities include a trip to nearby Grandfather Mountain and to upper or lower creek in the Pisgah National Forest.

Wildcat and Wilderness campers enrolled in CLASSIC ADVENTURE CAMP stay in Bob’s Hideaway or Rocky Knob campsites next to main campus. These are screened in cabins at primitive campsites with cook pavilions, picnic tables, and cool stoves. Wildcats and Wilderness campers will learn how to prepare and cook meals.


Wilderness and Wildcat campers have the option of adding a CONFIRMATION CLASS to the CLASSIC ADVENTURE CAMP (week 1 only). Confirmation is a learning opportunity and important step in one’s faith journey where a small group of students are exposed to some of the key teachings of the Christian Faith: the history of the universal church, reformed theology, and the life and work of Jesus. Confirmation class helps young people explore their faith, ask questions, and articulate what it means to be a Christian. We use curriculum written and published for the PC-USA. It will be presented by ministers of Holston Presbytery. Classes will take approximately 5-7 total hours. This is VOLUNTARY ONLY but must be specified at registration.



Includes room, board, trip to Grandfather Mountain, and Holston Camp T-Shirt.