Please read our frequently asked questions below and view the Parent Handbook for information about summer overnight camp. Contact the office with questions.

I’m not Presbyterian. Can I attend Holston Camp? Will I fit in?

ABSOLUTELY! Every year campers of many faiths attend our programs. The love and acceptance demonstrated by Jesus is central to our program. We ask that all campers participate in Bible study and worship activities. Our goal is to help others feel comfortable talking about, exploring and practicing their faith journey. Holston Camp welcomes persons of every race, color, gender, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, and disability.

Are there any new programs this year?

Yes! We are emphasizing small group camping that assembles similar ages to engage in appropriate activities. Older campers will have options such as hiking the AT, caving, canoe camping, and biking the Blue Ridge Parkway. We are also offering new activities for younger campers too. Please see our 2017 schedule and activities chart.


When do camp sessions begin / end?

Full week programs begin on Sunday with check-in at 3:00 pm. and end on Friday with a closing program at 3:00.

Can I visit the camp before I enroll?

Yes! Call (844) 465-7866 to arrange a tour. We also offer a Family Camp on May 5-7, 2017 so that families may attend and experience our program.

Why are there 3 prices?

We provide tiered pricing to accommodate everyone that wants to come to camp.  Lower prices are more heavily subsidized. Please choose the pricing structure that best fits what you are able to pay. Thanks to faithful churches and loyal patrons, we are able to provide limited financial assistance to families that are in need.

More About Tiered Pricing

Scholarship Application (Due April 30)

Can I come for more than one week?

Yes! Just register for another camp. Please note that we cannot accommodate campers through the weekend who choose to enroll in two or more sequential dates.

Who are my staff?

The selection of the counselor staff is the most important choice that we make. No camp, regardless of its facilities and equipment, can be stronger than its staff. Our counselors must have completed at least one year of college. They are competent in their teaching field, and have an understanding and interest in youth. Their most important role is to provide a safe and positive experience for your camper. They are chosen for their maturity, experience, enthusiasm, personal values, and ability to have fun. The staff-camper ratio is approximately one to six. The average counselor age is early twenties. As a result of our counselor training program, our counselor group includes many former campers. There is a high percentage of returning staff each year. To assure that we grow as leaders, we conduct pre-camp training and continuing education during the sessions. This training makes an effective team, capable of providing guidance to youth. A counselor who listens and responds can build a highly effective relationship with a child and can have a strong influence on that child. Therefore, we place great emphasis upon the counselor’s personal habits and values.

What kind of food is served?

We have a full time food service staff to provide well balanced, nutritious meals in the dining hall. Breakfast is at 8:00; lunch is 12:00 and supper is at 5:30. We also provide an afternoon snack and a campfire dessert. If your child has special dietary needs, we will do our best to accommodate them. Campers requiring non-gluten diets must supplement their meals by bringing the necessary foods.

What is your Summer weather like?

June average high is 74 F, average low is 54 F
July average high is 77 F, average low is 57 F
August average high is 76 F, average low is 56 F

June average precipitation is 4.29 inches
July average precipitation is 5.12 inches
August average precipitation is 4.29 inches

Therefore, it is advisable to bring a change of clothing that will allow campers to be comfortable in various temperatures and weather conditions.

What should I bring to camp?

A complete list of what to bring to camp and what to leave at home is available via the Parent Handbook.

Can I bring a phone, electronic games or music players to camp?

We encourage campers to “unplug” and do not bring electronic devices to camp. We do not want to play “phone police” here nor do we want to be disturbed or distracted by campers who feel the need to engage in electronic text messaging, music, games, email, etc. If the camper cannot refrain from these activities for 5 days of camp, it would be best if that camper’s family sought an alternative camping experience.

We understand that families may need to contact campers under certain circumstances. Our counselors carry phones and are available to be contacted as much as physically possible (service is not always available). Counselors and camp groups are  on schedules which allow us to locate your camper at any time. Therefore your camper can be contacted.

Campers are allowed to bring a camera-only device. We provide photos of campers and activities on the Holston Camp Facebook page for your daily review.

Please understand that we make these requirements for the benefit of all campers in our program. We encourage campers to listen to nature, other campers and counselors, and the Holy Spirit for inspiration.

Can my friend and I be together in the same cabin or group?

To be in the same group as your friend, write his or her name on the registration form in the space provided. Keep in mind that campers will be housed in cabins based on age and gender. While we cannot guarantee that every request will be filled, we will make every effort to do so. You may only request to be placed with one friend, and that friend must also request you on his or her registration form. Both campers must be the same gender, in the same age group and be registered in the same camp.

How many campers are in a cabin?

In Main Camp we typically have 10-12 campers per cabin and two staff members. Staff sleep in separate quarters within the cabin. Cabins in Main Camp have shared bathroom facilities.

In Rustic Camp, we are converting bunks to Eno hammocks. Rustic cabins sleep u to 8. Rustic Camp uses a bathhouse with private toilets and showers.

Is financial assistance available?

We would like any child who would like to attend camp to be able to do so. The Holston Presbytery, its churches and benevolent parishioners donate some financial assistance to this camp for the purpose of supplementing camper’s registration fees. If you need financial assistance, please complete the scholarship application by April 30.

We encourage families to work through their church for funding.

Is a Health Form required to attend camp?

Yes, and it is very important to receive this information promptly! A form will be sent from our office once we have received your registration. You can also print a copy from our Forms page.

Do you have medical staff on duty?

Our staff are trained in First Aid and CPR and our camp doctor is only 1 ½ miles away in Banner Elk. The local EMS station is located 1 mile from camp and the hospital is only 8 miles away. If your camper has specific medical needs or medications, please indicate that in the registration process. You are welcome to call our office (844) 465-7866 to provide us with further details.

How can I check on my camper while he/she is at camp?

Parents are welcome to call the camp office (844) 465-7866. We will also post daily updates on our Facebook page with pictures and brief synopsis of what is happening at camp that day. Again, we welcome phone calls to check on your camper but they are not allowed to make or receive phone calls themselves except for extenuating circumstances.