New River Canoe Adventure Camp

The New River was named a National Wild and Scenic River in 1976 and it wildly winds through some of the best North Carolina mountain scenery.  It’s easy to combine paddling, camping, fishing, picnicking and wildlife viewing. From

Rugged hillsides, pastoral meadows and bucolic farmlands surround the oldest river in North America. The river’s waters are slow and placid; its banks are fertile and covered with wildflowers. Fishing is good. Narrow and winding mountain roads dotted with small farms, churches and country stores give an old-fashioned charm. New River State Park provides access and spots for camping, canoeing, picnicking and fishing. From

The south fork of the New River has traditionally been a destination for Holston Campers. Adventure Leaders take Wilderness and Wildcat campers for a memorable two night, 20+ mile excursion down the oldest river in North America. Campers will paddle canoes complete with provisions downstream to designated New River State Park campsites.

Canoeing the New River is a memorable experience. The world looks very different from a canoe in the river.

We provide the canoes, food, and gear but we ask that you bring a lightweight sleeping bag. (Canoeing may require portage past obstacles and low water. Anyone with physical disabilities may not enjoy the journey.)

When they return, Wilderness and Wildcat boaters will join the other campers for campus activities while staying in our Rustic Camp. Rustic Camp is a short distance from Main Camp over the hill and past the Tree House and Eagles Nest. Rustic Campers sleep in hammocks in screened-in cabins. They learn to work together to prepare and cook their own food. Rustic Campsites use a bath house with hot showers available.



Includes room, board, trip to New River, and Holston Camp T-Shirt.