Night Owl Camp

We know some kids like to stay up late and sleep in–Night Owl Camp is the camp for you. We will adjust our clocks to the Night Owl schedule and adjust our activities too. (Just hanging our with new friends is a great way to spend the day or night.) Don’t worry about getting up too early, we’ll have a late breakfast. And don’t worry about staying up too late because, hey, its summer camp and there is a full moon rising that week.

This will be the first time we have scheduled a night camp at Holston and we want it to be a blast. We have some night-time activities planned that will be fun and educational for all, plus all of the day-time activities that you would expect from Holston Camp. We will invite a astronomy teacher to talk about the heavens, and a wildlife teacher to talk about nocturnal animals. Bring your flashlight and glow-in-the-dark Chacos (just kidding) and we’ll get the campfires started.

For Night Owl Camp, all campers will be deep in the woods at the Rustic Campsites. “Rustic” offers screened in cabins  with cook pavilions, picnic tables, and wood-fired grills. Campers will learn how to prepare and cook delicious meals over a fire. Rustic Camp offers a recently renovated bath house with separate bathrooms and hot showers for guys and gals.



Includes room, board, trip to Grandfather Mountain, and Holston Camp T-Shirt.